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Data Entry Clerks

Data Entry clerks enter information into computer databases for effective record keeping. Daily responsibilities include: Organizing files and collecting data to be entered into the computer.


* Assignment is locally based and doesn't require traveling. You

can apply regardless of any location in the US

*You will receive payment for the assignment.

*You are to complete the assignment as fast and discreetly as possible.



Health, Dental, Life and AD&D Insurance, Employee Wellness, and 401k plans. Paid Time Off and Holidays with Generous Company Discounts Working hrs are flexible. All activities and corresponding time are to be recorded in an excel spreadsheet. As for your duties, I will assist you with any difficulties by email. 


Below are the laid down policies for staffing of new employees

All new employees would upon selection undergo mandatory one week training.

New employees do not get to start work until all equipment is in place

The company equipment will not be transferred to a third party.

On no account should a staff abandon work schedule or neglect duties on working hours without prior notice of absence to the appropriate body.  

Here are the name's of the software's you will need to start working with LIST OF Software's: Agilent version A.6.1.1, A.7.1.1 and A.7.1.2 Asymmetric version MAS 5 (5.0, 5.1), GCOS (1.0, 1.1), and d Chip 1.3 Gene Pix version 3.0, 4.1, and 5.3 Nimble Scan version 2.1.16 Spot Reader version 1.0 Peach Tree version 2013 Premium US Patent Single Users Pack BS 1 Accounting software.......I believe you  are gonna be familiar with these Software Programs if you're being trained.



This is the list of the working materials that you will need to purchase to get started but the company will be providing you the funds you will be using to purchase all


Apple Laptop


New Apple IPhone 14 pro 


Laser Printer


Fax machine






The company will furnish you with all expense needed for the assignment and any other expense incurred during the course of executing your assignment.